What our clients say

What our clients say

Find out what our students think of our courses, teaching methods, materials, and the overall quality of the programmes at Direct English.

“It was one of the best English classes I have attended. This is because the training was provided in a no pressure condition.”

Farizah Hanim Binti Ismail, Ministry of Education, Malaysia

“I feel more confident to use English language in my daily life. Interesting and lively class with a wonderful trainer.”

Nur Shazmin Binti Ramli, Teacher, SK Taman Warisan Puteri

“I have no problem learning English with the Direct English learning system. It helps me in an easy and fun way. At work, I am able to use the vocabulary I have learned from DE. I wish to continue learning English with DE because I know I will become better in the future.”

Kiyoaki Takano, Sales and Marketing Director, AEON Credit, Malaysia
Classic Direct English Course

“I plan to learn long term with Direct English.  DE learning system helps me communicate with my Malaysian colleagues.  DE also helps me participate in meetings where English is the medium. Coming from Japan, I have to speak English here in Malaysia.  DE has been helping me speak good English. The system is good and useful.”

Yuya Narita, Manager, Managing Director’s Office, AEON, Malaysia
Classic Direct English Course

“The lessons and materials are very well done. It was very helpful for me to speak good English. I was shy at first, and then I started to speak with the help of the Direct English learning system. Now, I can talk with my friends here and abroad. DE is very helpful in my daily conversations.”

Violet Jayani, Iranian, Engineer

“I can talk very well in English now. I can also write with correct grammar. My friends and I speak English all the time and I am not shy to talk with them.”

Armin Fili, Iranian, 9 years old Student

“I only went through one level for Direct English which was level 8 before going through IELTS. Now I am in Academic Writing for IELTS. The learning system is different compared to what you would learn in an English class. It is more interactive and there are speaking exercises which we don’t really have in traditional English classes. The writing style is also different. it is more formal.”

Bibienne Yeoh, St. John’s International School.

“As a Malaysian, I’m really bad at pronouncing specific expression and commonly using the word “-lah” a lot. Direct English, with its audio learning and listening material, made my accent change quite a bit. Not to mention, it also uncovered the important grammar mistakes that everyone makes. Currently, now I am at IELTS level, a great step – up from DE 8.”

S. Peyshwara A/L Sankupellay, St. John’s International School.

“The Direct English books are really useful because they teach us new words, by listening to dialogues and the teachers choose a few students as representatives to read passages and it is a fun way to help me improve my English. I am in DE 7 and I am improving my speaking skill and grammar day by day. I have also improved my spelling and pronunciation as the teacher will correct me if I am wrong.”

Muhammad Halim Awan, St. John’s International School.

“The Direct English learning system was great as it’s related to our real working life and we get to master/familiar with it for future use by using the materials- DVD and books. From the materials, we know the correct pronunciations of words,  facial expressions of the speakers and the right sentences/ phrases to use. With the presence of the qualified instructor, we got to discuss the situations we face at work, correct us in terms of our grammar, speaking and vocabulary. Direct English helped me become better in writing business letter, replying formal and informal emails , and also communicate fluently & more confidently  with colleagues, clients, prospects and more. All these things I did not learn before.”

Chia Hooi Sam, former Direct English Business English student.

“I can say it is a success. The trainer makes us learn English with fun and easy way.”

Muhammad Daneal Syawal bin Abdullah, Ministry of Education, Malaysia